Our Approach

DRC’s collaborative service framework and flexibility allows employees, customers, and business partners to work together successfully anywhere, anytime. Our services allow for our clients to respond to competitive pressures and enhance performance capabilities.

We provide honest advice and opinion, as well as detailed information necessary for our clients to achieve their long-term goals. We give clients technical guidelines on the areas they need to focus on such that their decisions are results of thorough well-researched information, which will invariably yield awesome results.

We understand that successfully running an enterprise is not really about relying on gut reaction, instinct, or luck. It is mostly about careful calculation, realistic analyses, and practical strategy development, which is something DRC is providing its clients.

DRC knows the basic difference between reputation and branding and we do not confuse the two. Reputation builds trust and drives business sales while branding makes people aware of the business and that is why we a committed to providing clients with incredible project management and technical services.


Primary Code

541611 — Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services

Second Codes

541511 — Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 — Computer Systems Design Services
541519 — Other Computer Related Services
541613 — Marketing Consulting Services
541618 — Other Management Consulting Services

Contract Vehicles

Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

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